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Adult French Classes

Our classes are organized in order to cover all elements of learning the language: conversation, comprehension, grammar, phonetics & vocabulary; all with a special emphasis on oral communication. Our FLE courses will allow you to develop communication skills, and also to approach the French culture and civilization. Each class combines oral comprehension, role play, and purely linguistic activities to enable the development of all 4 fundamental linguistic skills: written and oral expression and comprehension.
Each different level will allow you to: Introduce yourself, talk about your day, ask and offer, describe, advise, speak about food, the weather, tell your story, give opinion, and many other themes…


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French for Adults

A1 Beginner Tuesday 9:15-10:45 pm, A1 Beginner Wednesday 9:15-10:45 am, A1 Beginner, Tuesdays 5-6:30 pm, A1 Beginner, Wednesday 7:30-9 am, A2 Intermediate, Tuesday 1-2:30 pm, A2 Intermediate, Tuesday 10:45-12:15pm, A2 Intermediate, Wednesday 11-12:30 pm, B1 Intermediate, Tuesdays 1:30-3 pm, B1 Intermediate, Wednesdays 1-2:30 pm, B1 Intermediate, Wednesdays 4:30-6 pm, B2 Advanced, Tuesday 10:45-12:15pm, B2 Advanced, Tuesday 2:45-4:15 pm, B2 Advanced, Wednesday 2:45-4:15 pm, C1 Advanced, Thursday 11-12:30 pm, C2 Expert, Thursday 1-2:30 pm