Ariel Arsac-Ellison, San Diego French American School Manager of Extracurricular Programs
Ariel Arsac-Ellison
Manager of Extracurricular Programs Prior to joining the administration in 2020, Ariel was a student supervisor, after-school activity assistant coordinator, and summer camp coordinator at the school. He became the manager of Extracurricular programs to oversee the Summer Camps, Vacation Camps, Extended Care, Recess Supervision, After-School Activiies, and served as a liaison for the lunch program. Ariel dedicates his to time bringing attractive and entertaining activities for the children at SDFAS. Ariel is originally from Santa Clara, CA and has been living in San Diego since 2018. He started his career in education as a tutor, classroom aid, and student supervisor at the International School of the Peninsula in Palo Alto, CA. He went on to teach middle school French and Spanish before moving down to San Diego.